About Warhounds Armoured Combat:

Across the globe, men and women are gearing up in full armour, wielding swords, maces, axes and polearms to take part in the worlds most exciting sport, Armoured Combat! Here in Australia, Warhounds AC are training hard and getting ready to take the fight to other teams interstate and worldwide in full contact medieval combat!

We are Warhounds Armoured Combat, South Australia’s premier Armoured Combat team. We are a sports team based in Port Adelaide that competes in full contact Medieval Armoured Combat. We have a range of categories ranging from our duels which consist of longsword, sword and shield, polearm, sword and Buckler. We also have Profight Category (think MMA in Armour). and of course our most popular event, group fights called buhurt ranging from 5v5 up 12v12.

Warhounds Armoured combat train 4 nights a week in order to be one the best teams in Australia and hopefully get the chance to represent Australia in our sport. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive club that is not just about fighters but about our supports and marshals as well.

Purchasing our merch supports our club in a huge way helping us support our team to compete in interstate and overseas tournaments, as well as growing our club bigger and better with training equipment. We appreciate every sale and cant wait to see you around the List repping South Australia’s premier team, WARHOUNDS ARMOURED COMBAT!!!