About Us


Three 3s (pronounced “three threes”) kicked off with a hyped‐up conversation in a shared office space between brothers Jamie and Rory Cornell. Both had been
running respective companies for the past seven years. Over this time (and with everything each had learned along the way) both were looking to work on something in‐line with their shared hobbies and passions. From that conversation late one afternoon, Three 3s was born.


So, what is Three 3s? In short, we’re a print on demand business. What’s that I hear you ask? We do things such as t‐shirts, hoodies, bottle openers, stubby holders and even Yeti coolers. Only want one shirt? No problem, we’ve got you covered ‐‐ literally! At least your top half, anyway. We even do items such as iron‐on jersey prints and custom grip donuts for Motocross riders.

Why Us?

Our business is all about creating a space to share in each other’s success. Whether an individual sport, team sports, your work colleagues, a favourite band or perhaps an influential person in your life. Who doesn’t want to represent a friend in what they do, whilst supporting their dream? Our prices are competitive, and we share your passion!