About Matthew:

Hey guys,

My name is Matthew Treadwell, I’m a 19 year old from Victoria. I’m a passionate action sport lover who enjoys the whole content creation & documentation side of travelling, riding & racing. Over the past year I’ve competed in events such as the Finke & Hattah Desert races which I’ve loved every minute of. It’s just been awesome being able to document & post the trips all over social media.

In my spare time around my training, I enjoy riding Mtb’s & having a swing of golf. With my training, I’ve found myself in the gym most nights & have competed in some triathlons to remain fit. My next step is to create a personal brand and creating this merchandise is a stepping stone towards my goal. I would be very appreciative to anyone and everyone that would purchase one of my pieces and come with myself along this journey of mine as nothing is possible without the support 🙂

Appreciate your time.