About Declan:

My name is Declan Smart, and I am 12 years old. I live with my family on a property on the outskirts of the township of Clare in the Clare Valley, South Australia. We are fortunate to have acreage, and my dad has been progressively building tracks and jumps for me since I started riding at the age of 2. As I’ve progressed with my motocross riding, the jumps continue to get bigger and bigger each year, to the point where my dad needs to dig larger holes and find more dirt for our 10-acre track layout.

As I continually develop my riding, I’ve also been able to provide my dad with more input into the layout and the jumps I would like to be made. I have even started learning to shape jumps myself! My dad serves as both my mechanic and coach when it comes to my riding and racing. He is a qualified mechanic by trade and runs the family earthworks business here in Clare. When he’s not working his day job, you’ll find him in the shed, putting in the hours to get my bikes prepared and tuned for race day. With his mechanical background, he has also taught me how to do most of the maintenance for my bikes, and I love learning how the bike engine works.

I spend time observing the older junior and senior riders in how they approach their racing, consistently seeking ways to improve my skills and confidence both on and off the track. My ultimate ambition is to become a professional motocross and supercross rider and then give back to the sport through coaching, just like others have done for me from time to time. I already enjoy teaching my little sister how to ride and managed to get her to ride a peewee without ever needing training wheels!

During every school holiday, I work for our family business, helping my dad, as I know he works very hard to ensure I can continue doing what I love. In 2021, I decided to create my own brand of merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. “2D1” (Two Double One) represents my race number, 211. It’s time to get back into promoting my brand with a new look, and I plan to keep adding new designs along the way!