About Australian Medieval Combat Federation:

At the AMCF we are all about full contact, unscripted medieval tournament style combat.
Using historically accurate steel weapons and steel armour, we fight in competitions on a national and international level.
Everyone is welcome at AMCF. Whether you want to fight alongside your friends or support them from the side-lines – if fighting isn’t your cup of tea – there are many vital roles within the AMCF for you to choose from.
Regardless of what role you play, the AMCF is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.
Our Mission Statement:
Our Mission Statement as per our rules of association are as follows:
i) To provide a focus for people interested in competitive medieval combat in Australia.
ii) To encourage the study, experimentation and practice of any club of knowledge relevant to the association’s focus.
iii) To create and maintain channels of communication amongst members, other groups, government and the business community.
iv) To provide opportunities and venues for members to practice, display and teach skills, and run competitions / tournaments.
v) To liaise with international bodies such as Historical Medieval Battle and International Medieval Fighting Championships to field teams at international competitions.vi) To ensure the safety of all AMCF members, organisers and members of the public.
What We’ve Achieved:
Over the last few years we have achieved the following– Over 170 fighters in Australia,– Many Competitive National Teams– Australian National Representation at International Tournaments though out the world.
We have a diverse group of individuals coming from a myriad of different sporting backgrounds. Our continuously growing organisation has created teams all around Australia from Western Australia to Sydney. We are consistently competing in both local and international events.

Buying AMCF merchandise helps us support and grow our sport and affiliated clubs.